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Where are you located?

We’re a US Based company with locations is San Diego, CA and Wailea, HI.  Our email address is, and our phone number is 888-662-0767.  Typically, the best way to contact us is by email.


Where do your products ship from?

As you’ve probably seen, we have a fairly vast selection of products.  These products ship from warehouses in the US, Europe, Asia, and some (recently) from Central America.


Are your products made in the USA?

While some of our product are made in the USA, the majority of them are made overseas.  Is this a bad thing?  We think not as brands such as Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Alice and Olivia, Ted Baker, Prada, Coach, Armani, Burberry, D&G, Lucky Brand, etc. manufacture their products in Asia and mostly in China.  If you look through your closet at home, you'd probably notice that almost all of your clothing (and everything else in your house) is made overseas.


Where do you ship to?

We ship all of our products all over the world.  We currently have customers in 81 countries.


How long does it take for me to receive my purchases?

Most of products shipping to North America are received within 12-20 days from order acceptance.  Shipments to Canada are normally within that 12-20 day timeline for most products, but occasionally arrive within 25 days.  Orders for Europe are normally received in 16-25 days for most items.  Please note that some of our products like sunglasses and tights do take much longer on occasion.  This is simply a matter of economics.  A $3 pair of tights does not typically warrant spending $10 on premium shipping. 


Is there a way to get my products sooner?

Most of our customers are satisfied with the lead-time given the bargain received, but we do offer expedite services.  Most products are available to ship via DHL or FedEx for an added expense.  Please note that Priority shipping is typically per item, and it is best to contact us at, and we will work with you to find the best solution to satisfy your urgent situation? 


Where is my tracking number?

Tracking numbers are typically available 5 days after order acceptance.  This is to accommodate for any customs clearance that may be required.  Please contact us at if you require a tracking number for your items.


Why are your prices so low?

In almost every business, housing and managing inventory is one of the largest expenses associated with most products.  There is managing “turns” of inventory, scrapping of obsolete items, burdened warehouse expenses, taxes and depreciation.  In most cases your products will ship directly from our manufacturing locations.  This saves us warehousing expenses and that “discount” is passed on to you.


What if my item does not fit?

Please note: some of our products do run (up to) a full size small (except shoes, purses, sunglasses, and jewelry of course 😊 ).  Please view our Sizing Chart to confirm your size based upon your measurements.  If you are between sizes, we recommend “sizing up” for comfort. 

If you order your product and it does not fit, please contact us at  We are very reasonable and we will accommodate most exchanges.  If you absolutely want to return you products, we’ll of course work with you.  Please see our Refund Policy.


Do you offer Returns?

Of course!  Please see our Refund Policy and contact us at


These Products do not cost very much.  How is the quality?

We believe you will be shocked how good the quality of our products is for the price paid.  With nearly 10 years in retail, we offer quality items for a very attractive price. 


I ordered three products.  Why are they being shipped in separate shipments?

Because some of our products may ship from different locations, they may be shipped in separate shipments.  Also, we do not hold up shipping of products.  If one or more of your items are available before the other items, we assume that you would rather receive partial shipments rather than holding items to be shipped together.


Do you offer Wholesale Discounts?

In most cases, no.  This is because we are already selling the products at the lowest price possible.  However, contact us at  to discuss.


I have a Blog or large Instagram following.  Do you do Collaborations?

Of course!  We’d love to work with you.  Please contact us at to inquire.



We love our company and what we do.  We also truly respect our customers, and we strive to make your buying experience as comfortable as possible.  We absolutely understand that it is YOU who makes possible.  We go above and beyond in trying to make you happy.  If there are any concerns that you have throughout our relationship, please reach out to us.  We are normal people trying to do something extraordinary.  We strive for excellence and treat all of our customers with respect and dignity.  We hope to receive the same from our customers.